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Enrollment Instructions for Retirement Plan
Enrollment Instructions for Retirement Plan
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

Enroll Upon Hire

New hires of Participating Employers are to be provided with the employee enrollment materials on date of hire, along with all of their employee benefits and compensation information during on-boarding. Checklist for on-boarding an employee.

NOTE: Employees who already have a account with our UU Plan do not re-enroll, and may already have satisfied criteria making them eligible for Employer's Contributions from day one. 

Remember, low and moderate income earners may qualify for the Saver's Tax Credit.

Employee Enrollment 

TIAA now supports online enrollment for your new hires that have not previously enrolled in the UU Plan.

Please read the information that follows, and then send it along to your employee, so that they may proceed to properly enroll. Be sure to give the employee your UUA member congregation ID # so that they will succeed in enrolling under your congregation (instead of some other UU employer).

Employees should view investment options available in the Plan before enrollment:

Direct them to: and to click Explore Benefits and scroll to the bottom and select: Prospectuses

Employers provide the following to their employee(s) before enrollment:

  1. Summary Plan Description (SPD) (PDF)
  2. Annual Plan Notice (PDF)
  3. Employee Contributions Agreement (PDF) 

When the eligible employee is ready to enroll, they are to have the following on hand so that they will be able to complete enrollment:

  1. Full legal name (nicknames are not appropriate for this employee benefit plan)
  2. One's own Social Security Number (SSN)
  3. The 4 digit/character UUA Member Congregation ID (contact lrose [at] uua [dot] org if you do not know this number. It is required for proper enrollment).
  4. Full legal names and SSNs of beneficiaries
  5. An idea of which investments one will choose (see note above)

Then go to and click "Ready to Enroll."

If the employee prefers to complete a paper enrollment form to return to you for submitting to TIAA, please contact assistplan [at] uua [dot] org.

Find more information about plan related fees.

Employers Wishing to Join the Plan

  • Contact the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Retirement Plan Director (retirementplan [at] uua [dot] org) for the Employer Participation Agreement form.
  • Include the following in your request: the name, email and mailing address, phone number, and UUA identifier of the congregation or related organization that wishes to become a Participating Employer.

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