Enrollment Instructions for Retirement Plan

Enroll Upon Hire

Inclusion matters. Providing a path for all employees, age 18 or older, to save for retirement is a fundamental requirement of the UU Retirement Plan.

Every employee of a participating employer is eligible to enroll and authorize Elective contributions or eligible roll-ins. Employers who have adopted the Plan are responsible for informing their employees, timely, about the governing provisions of this employee benefit plan.

Remember that the UU Plan is a multiple employer plan, and your new-to-you employee might already have enrolled, and might already have met the Plan's criteria to receive Employer's Retirement Contributions, and if applicable, also Employer's Matching Contributions.

Employees who begin to serve a new-to-them UU Employer must notify our office so that the Employer linkage can be manually updated. Employers, please contact retirementplan@uua.org with questions about any employee who is new-to-you, to review their enrollment and eligibility-for-Employer's-contributions status in order to avoid having to make a correction later.

Remember, low and moderate income earners may qualify for the Saver's Tax Credit.

Enrollment Process

TIAA supports online enrollment for new hires that have not previously enrolled in the UU Plan.

Employees view investment options available in the Plan before enrollment: Click Explore Benefits and scroll to the bottom and select Prospectuses, or compare investments. Difficulties? Call TIAA at 800-842-2829.

Provide employee(s) with the following disclosures and form before enrollment:

  1. Summary Plan Description (SPD) (PDF)
  2. Annual Plan Notice (PDF)
  3. Employee Contributions Agreement (PDF)
  4. Your UUA Member Congregation ID.

To complete enrollment, the employee must have on hand their:

  1. Full legal name (nicknames are not appropriate for this employee benefit plan)
  2. Their own Social Security Number (SSN)
  3. Their UU employer's 4 digit/character UUA Member Congregation ID. Find the "Church ID" in the UUA online congregation directory. The number is required for proper enrollment.
  4. Their chosen beneficiaries' full legal names and SSNs.
  5. Their investment choices.

Navigate to TIAA and click "Ready to Enroll." (Note that the ACCESS CODE which is pre-filled on the enrollment interface should not be removed when enrolling; the location ID/UUA Member Congregation ID will be requested from the enrollee on a latter webpage of the enrollment process.)

If the employee prefers to complete a paper enrollment form, which their employer then reviews for completeness and conveys to TIAA, please contact retirementplan@uua.org

Information about plan related fees.

Employers Wishing to Join the Plan

  • Contact the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Retirement Plan team (retirementplan@uua.org) to obtain an Employer Participation Agreement form and to schedule time to ask key questions about your responsibilities.
  • Include the following in your request: the name, email and mailing address, phone number, and UUA identifier of the congregation or related organization that wishes to become a Participating Employer.

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