Hymn to Love: An All-Inclusive Valentine

We give thanks for love,
Agape and Eros,
Chocolates and pillow talk,
And all of cupid’s arrows.
For unrequited yearning
And the grand passion burning,
For quiet appreciation
And platonic contemplation.

For lovers, too, we offer thanks:
Those gay and straight, near and dear,
Gender metamorphic or beautifully queer;
For swooning adolescents
And seniors in senescence,
Who are the bloom in life’s bouquet --
The hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day.

For all that makes our pulses run,
Heart rates quicken
And keeps tickers tickin',
We bless you, Lord--
Who made Eve with Adam,
And filled the world with both “sirs” and “madams.”
For birds and bees,
And variet-ees
Of conjugation
We lift our voice
In celebration.