Hospital Indemnity Insurance

About Our Hospital Indemnity Plan

Our hospital indemnity insurance is supplemental coverage for UUA Health Plan participants. It protects the covered employee from hospital and ICU costs that may not be paid for under the Health Plan. This can be especially helpful for those participating in a high-deductible plan, protecting against the large out-of-pocket costs often associated with hospitalization.

The UUA is pleased to offer member congregations Hospital Indemnity Insurance through Guardian. This is an employment-based policy with a portability provision that allows departing employees to keep the coverage if desired.

The enrollment period for Hospital Indemnity is 60 days from initial hire date or during Open Enrollment for the next calendar year.

For Prospective Participants

For Participants

In Case of Death

When a participant dies, please contact Guardian at 800-525-4542.

Other Benefits Offered Along With Life Insurance

Guardian also provides an Employee Assistance Plan (PDF) to all members enrolled in the life, LTD and/or dental plans.

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