Several congregational banners and two banner carriers are participating in the Banner Parade
The Banner Parade
The Banner Parade
General Assembly, GA Programs & Schedule

General Assembly (GA) will begin with a procession of banners from hundreds of Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations and organizations. After the Banner Parade, GA Volunteers work to hang banners in the convention center. Banners are displayed Thursday through Saturday and may be reclaimed on Sunday.

The gathering time and place for banner carriers is announced in the GA Program. Banner carriers must wear their name badge. A limited number of banner poles will be on sale in the staging area. Comfortable shoes are recommended. Please make arrangements for the security of purses or other valuables, as they may not be left in the staging area.

If you would like to have your banner displayed throughout GA, you may pre-register it on Wednesday in the Volunteer Office. You may also register banners during the line up period on Wednesday evening. In order to be displayed, banners must be registered before the parade and must have the required sleeve at the top. Only the banners of congregations and Associate Member Organizations will be hung.

Hung banners may only be collected by the authorized individual indicated on the banner registration form. Banners can only be collected on Sunday after worship. If you cannot arrange for pick-up at the designated time, please do not leave your banner for hanging.

Download Instructions for Making a Banner (PDF).

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