Synergy Bridging

Watch the Service!

We'll see everyone at 7pm ET on Friday, June 25th! If you've registered for GA, you can participate in the service on the General Assembly participant portal. If you are not registered for General Assembly, you can still participate! Visit this page for online video of public events, including Synergy!

About the Service

Synergy Bridging Worship Open to the Public 7pm ET June 25th

Synergy Bridging Worship at GA21

[image description: the words "Open to the public. June 25th at 7pm ET." over a background of pink that fades into blue with line drawings of bridges]

The Synergy Bridging Service—our annual worship at the UUA’s General Assembly to honor those transitioning from youth to young adulthood—is happening this year on Friday, June 25th at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT. Synergy is free, open to the public and online! You do not need to be a General Assembly registrant to attend.

Bridgers (youth transitioning to young adulthood) are invited to be honored at the service by submitting their name and/or a short video clip by June 1st by using the form below. This compilation will be part of the Bridging ceremony. For questions, email

Bridging (the transition from youthhood into young adulthood) is a moment to honor our growth and transitions along the lifespan. Planned by youth and young adult leaders, this year’s worship will use the metaphor of a Slinky to explore how our circles of connection and care expand and link to each other.

While many things have shifted during the pandemic, our need to mark and celebrate this transition, as a global faith community, is more alive than ever. Planned by youth and young adult leaders, this worship is for everyone to attend and participate!

Who's a "Bridger"?

Overall, it’s someone who’s transitioning to young adulthood, however that means for the individual. Often that’s meant someone at the end of 12th grade or the homeschool equivalent. But for other folks, other milestones (starting a job, leaving a home community) might be more relevant. We trust you to name and claim this moment of transition.

May the gathered community at this year's virtual General Assembly honor this rich and complicated moment, and in turn, commit and re-commit to creating a more multigenerational Unitarian Universalism.

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