Ware Lecture

2021 Ware Lecturer

The 2021 Ware Lecturer will be posted here when known.

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History of the Ware Lecture

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) President, in consultation with the General Assembly Planning Committee, invites a distinguished guest each year to address the General Assembly as the Ware Lecturer.

In 1920, Harriet E. Ware of Milton, MA, bequeathed $5,000 to the American Unitarian Association (AUA) for its unrestricted use. Two years later, on the evening of May 24, 1922, the first Ware Lecture was given by the Rev. Frederick W. Norwood, pastor of the City Temple in London, England. The lecture had been "established in honor of the distinguished services of three generations of the Ware family to the cause of Pure Christianity."

The lecture has been given every year at the former May Meetings of the AUA and since 1961 at the General Assembly. No lecture was scheduled for 1945 due to World War II, although Morris S. Lazaron delivered an address on May 23, 1945 at All Souls Church in Washington, DC, which is referred to as a Ware lecture. There was no lecture in 1950 when the Unitarians celebrated their 125th anniversary.

The Harvard Square Library maintains a history of the Ware Lecture, including illustrated biographical notes.

Previous Ware Lecturers

Previous Ware Lecturers have included the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Kurt Vonnegut, and poet Mary Oliver.

Naomi Klein

2020 Ware Lecturer, Naomi Klein.

Ware lecturer Brittany Packnett visits with members of the Youth Caucus

2018 Ware lecturer Brittany Packnett visits with members of the Youth Caucus.

Ware Lecturer Krista Tippett

2016 Ware Lecturer Krista Tippett

Cornell West

2015 Ware Lecturer Cornel West

Ware Lecturer Eboo Patel holds his hands apart during his address.

2013 Ware Lecturer Eboo Patel

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and GA 2012 Ware Lecturer Maria Hinojosa.

2012 Ware Lecturer Maria Hinojosa

Ware Lecturer Winona LaDuke addresses General Assembly 2010

2010 Ware Lecturer Winona LaDuke

Van Jones, General Assembly Ware Lecturer 2008

2008 Ware Lecturer Van Jones