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The taking of an offering—which some Unitarian Universalist congregations call "Sharing in Stewardship"—is a time to lift up the collective responsibility toward the common good.

UU musician Kaye McSpadden (of All Souls Unitarian Church, Indianapolis) has provided a list of songs to sing before or during the offering.

To write your own words for gathering the offering, Rev. Erik Wikstrom says, "Many congregations say the same words each time the offering is taken, yet there is an opportunity here to reflect on just what it means to be a self-sustaining and life-giving community. What is the meaning of giving? Of generosity? Of your congregation and its place in your wider community and in the lives of its members? Where does the money go? What does money mean? All of these—and more—are subjects that could be reflected on in the offering."

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