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    A time-lapse photo showing graceful, dance-like movements of a person against a black background

    "Worship reminds us that we—empowered by the love we receive and give—may challenge any idol of greed or violence which pollutes the human condition. Worship helps us regain a sense of ourselves.”
    —Rev. Mark Belletini

    refrigerator magnets on a flat surface jumble together to spell "welcome"
    From above, seven people hold hands around a table before eating.
    Two children run -- one is mid-jump -- through an alley, smiling.
    Tiny green shoots grow from a grid of seedling pots
    A parent, holding food on a spoon, in front of a toddler reaching.
    A sea of signs, at a protest, above people's heads: "Immigrants make America great" and "No hate no fear."
    A large box of crayons in the foreground; in the background, a child bent over a drawing
    A black parent embraces their child, who is smiling in to the camera
    A close-up of a bubble, in a hemisphere, radiant with teal, indigo, and fuschia.
    A circle of people, from above, with hands extended into the center of a circle.
    Against gray leaves, a chalice of green stems and a "flame" of red leaves