On-Demand Video Worship

If you're a worship leader seeking a full-length service to share with your congregation, we hope you find the following list helpful.

  • NEW! November 2022: "Lessons from Gate A-4”
    by your Pacific Western Region Staff Team
    In her poem "Gate A-4,” Arab-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye shares an account of distress, compassion and community as she is called to interpret Arabic for a fearful traveler at an airport. As many of us take to the highways, airways and railways this November and December, the PWR Staff has put together a worship service that touches on the themes of the poem, and questions such as Who are we called to care for? When do we answer the call to serve? Where might we be surprised by grace? To access this material, please fill out this form.
  • NEW! Embracing Possibility in Times of Change, a video collection coming in November 2022 about challenging ourselves to learn and grow during the in-between times.
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General Assembly Worship

The following links will take you to the Sunday morning worship services from past GAs. The link to the service page on UUA.org includes includes the orders of service, transcripts, etc., while the Vimeo/YouTube link is the video only.