Seeds for the New Year worship resources to welcome 2024

An illustration of a blue hand holding small red hearts and "planting" them as seeds. The dark blue ground is sprouting red hearts growing on dark stalks. The message says "Seeds for the new year: an on-demand worship collection for UU congregations" and the url ""

What seeds are you planting for the new year?

How are you weaving your magic into your relationships with others?

How can we center beauty and goodness and love in all that's ahead?

These questions are at the heart of this worship collection, designed to be used by UU congregations on December 31, January 7, or any Sunday that feels right to worship leaders.

The Seeds for the New Year worship collection (PDF) contains individual links to captioned, downloadable videos.

Bypass the above document by going to the Vimeo showcase page.

We recommend that you download all videos in advance and, if you care to skip over the UUA branding slides, to queue up each video to its desired beginning point.

These videos will be available beyond January 2024, and so you have permission to use them in UU worship services into the future!