Prayer for the Second Half of Life

Spirit of life, we hold in our hearts all who are in the second half of life, those who aspire to move from age-ing to sage-ing.

We breathe with those whose hearts have been broken open, that we may continue to grow in love.

A black-and-white portrait of an older person with a deeply wrinkled face with closed eyes and white hair

We breathe with all who have been disappointed, that we may continue to dream.

We breathe with all who no longer find delight in the activities of our youth, that we may find new delights.

We breathe with those who live with daily pain, that we may find comfort, and strength to greet each day anew.

We breathe with those experiencing new limits in the body, grieving the loss of what we once could do, held by the body’s possibilities still with us.

We breathe with those whose fire is running low; may we open to the spark of inspiration and new life.

May our journeys of aging and awakening together be a blessing.