A small droplet of water balanced on the leaf of a plant

Water is soft and yet it is persistent
Water flows and takes the shape of the boundaries it is given
Yet over time water, in her persistence, she can carve through mountains
When you try to grab water, you just get wet, but if you can stop grabbing at her
She will hold you up and you can float and even swim
Water under pressure cleans dirt off houses and can cut diamonds;
Water raging can overflow the bounds put upon her; she can drown whole towns, flood freeways
She can put out fire and save lives
So contradictory, both soft and hard
Never dominant or submissive
Water sustains, gives, and yields to

About the Author

Melissa Jeter

Melissa Jeter (she/her/hers) is currently a full-time seminarian at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio as well as a full-time librarian in Toledo, Ohio. Melissa is the student minister affiliated with First Unitarian Church of Toledo. She has served on the social justice subcommittee of the...

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