Finding Our Rhythm

Do you ever find that living "the good life," as defined by our American capitalist society, leaves you exhausted? Working ever longer hours...trying to maintain a spotless, Instagram-worthy house...buying the newest revolutionary product that will somehow make this possible... driving kids to their multiple extracurricular activities... making sure to attend all the happening events... shopping for the perfect outfit to look fabulous when you get there... posting it
 all to social media so everyone knows you're living the good life?

 rhythm of modern life can feel overwhelming.

For our centering, I want us to think about our rhythm right now.

beginning by thinking of all that is going on, I want you to all help me
 embody the rhythm of our hectic lives by tapping a rhythm with your 
hands on your legs or chest, or tapping with your feet or whatever way
 you want to embody the pace of life these days.

If you want to shout
 out some of the activities that are driving this rhythm for you right 
now, go ahead. 

[Allow rhythm to build.]

And then…
slow it down…

Find the rhythm of long, welcoming nights. Of animals preparing for hibernation. 
Of steam rising off hot tea. 
Of snow gently, silently falling [or other seasonally-appropriate reference]. 
Of cold days and snuggles with loved ones.

While so much of our modern world is calling us into a whirl of action,
 there is an older rhythm calling us to rest. Can we find that rhythm, if
 even for a moment?

Now let even motions fall away, and find the rhythm of our breath... and
 place a hand to our heart. Can we be quiet and still enough to find its
 steady beat?

[Sit in silence for a few moments.]

Welcome into this time of rest.