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"I'll bring you hope when hope is hard to find," from Carolyn McDade's hymn, "Come Sing a Song with Me."

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"All our lives we are in need and others are in need of us," by George Odell (reading #468 in Singing the Living Tradition)

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"Drifting here with my ship's companions - all we kindred pilgrims souls - making our way by the Lights of the Heavens..." by Peter Mayer

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The wide universe is the ocean I travel and the Earth is my Blue Boat Home - Peter Mayer

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"When I breathe in, I'll breathe in peace; When I breathe out, I'll breathe out love" by Sarah Dan Jones

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"We are not isolated beings, but connected, in mystery and miracle, to the universe and to each other," Anonymous

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"May I/you/we/al be filled with loving kindness," Buddhist Metta Meditation

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