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Unitarian Universalist Advent Calendar
Unitarian Universalist Advent Calendar
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Created by Ralph Roberts

WorshipWeb is delighted to offer these images, created by Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister Ralph Roberts, to count down the days in December to Christmas Eve (December 24). 

Ralph has also assembled his images into a page-a-day format, which contains all images in one document (PDF).

Due to its temporal nature, many of the historic milestones in this Advent calendar aren't necessarily recognized on the precise day that they're celebrated (for example, Kwanzaa is recognized here on December 2nd instead of December 26th, and the December 12 image recognizes Clara Barton's birthday (December 25, 1821).

More than perfect historic accuracy, then, this Advent calendar is offered in the spirit of holding up and delighting in the ways that our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors had a foundational role in many of the winter holidays and the innumerable ways they're celebrated by people everywhere.

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