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December 5
December 5

December fifth, "Jingle Bells" (1857). First performed at a Thanksgiving event by the Sunday school children from the Unitarian Church in Savannah, GA who were led by the church music director and the song’s composer James Pierpont. “Jingle bells” was published in 1857, but only gained widespread popularity after it was performed by Bing Crosby in 1934.

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  • Ralph is one of the creators of the Montessori-inspired curriculum Spirit Play, which is used by hundreds of UU churches across the us and canada. As an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister of Religious Education, Ralph led what had been one of the largest children and youth...

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MatthUU 3 years 7 months ago

Hey this calendar looks great. I noticed a few typos you might consider fixing. In the Jingle Bells December 5th page it says "who where" and I think it was meant to be written "who were". Also the word "after" is capitalized when it doesn't need to be. I also noticed other small typos as I looked through the other days in the calendar. Maybe a once over the text would prevent people from being distracted from the beautiful calendar you have made. 

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