That form of love we call generosity

Once upon a time, most folks used the offering plate to fulfill their pledges of financial support. Nowadays lots of folks click on their church websites or set up automatic transfers from their checking accounts. Some still write a monthly check, paying their "church bill" along with all the others.

But passing the offering plate was never just a practical exercise. It has always been a ritual. Even if your pledge is paid up, it is worthwhile for you to bring even just a dollar to drop into the plate, as a ritual reminder of that form of love we call generosity. Let it be a reminder that, after meeting our obligations to ourselves and our households and the communities to which we belong and are committed, we must still keep our capacity to give. The practice of giving, until it is second-nature and first-response, helps bring forth the realm of love.

The offering will now be given and gratefully received.