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The Offering on a Difficult Morning

Note: these words were written for a Sunday following a significant national tragedy

Far too often, we are forced to confront the terrible things that people can do to each other. When these things happen, all we can do is come together in places like this church to remind ourselves that there is still hope; there is still love; there are still good-hearted people who can look unblinking into the storm and continue to believe a calm, bright morning will come.

This community is a refuge where we can keep the ember of hope alive when all the world seems intent on dousing it. And then we can use our little ember to light a beacon for the rest of the world.

Our offerings each week sustain this community so we can share our small embers to light a dark world. Please give generously so that we can all, together, help spread that light.

The ushers will now collect the morning offering.