Handouts-Workshops from 2004

All handouts are in PDF format and are one page unless indicated otherwise.

Handout 1: Wheel of Power and Control

Handout 2: Wheel of Nonviolence and Equality

Handout 3: The Seven Laws of an Emotional Triangle

Handout 5: Assessment Questions for Effective Leadership

Handout 6: A Covenantal Faith

Handout 7: Three Case Studies (2 pages)

Handout 8: The Difference Between Stress and Burnout

Handout 9: A Self-Assessment Checklist

Handout 10: Eleven Guidelines for Preserving Boundaries (2 pages)

Handout 11: Needs Assessment Checklist for Congregations

Handout 12: Six Case Studies (2 pages)

Handout 14: Just Relations Grid

Table of Contents