2019 Regional Assembly Children and Youth

MidAmerica Regional Assembly 2017 children


Being a Part of Multicultural Communities

Children’s programming will build on the theme of the assembly of enhancing our understanding of identity, intersectionality, and multiculturalism. Children will have a day of creative engagement in “Identity and being a part of multicultural communities.” The children’s program will include guided story, song, art projects, and fellowship building activities.

Offered on Saturday from 9 am – noon and 1 - 5 pm.

We ask that parents pick up their children for lunch and then return at 1 pm.


We invite youth and youth advisors from across the MidAmerica region to take part in Regional Assembly. Our multigenerational goal is to make sure that youth, young adults, and adults have multiple opportunities to reflect, gain skills and resources, and ways to be a positive contributor to building multicultural communities while de-institutionalizing white supremacy.

There will not be a separate youth track, but there is a youth orientation on Friday evening at the close of the opening service. Also, we will have a youth debrief on Saturday evening, after the closing service. Many of our workshops will be of particular interest to youth and youth advisors, especially our "Tending Our Spirits" workshop which will include youth and young leaders as presenters.

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