Meet Rev. Alia Shinbrough

By Alia Shinbrough

This week we wanted to give everyone a chance to "meet" Rev. Alia Shinbrough, the newest member of our CER Team.

Rev. Shinbrough serves as Primary Contact for congregations in Long Island, Metro NY, New York City, New Jersey, Northern NY, Hudson-Mohawk, and South-Central NY. To learn more about our Primary Contact program and find out which CER staff member is your Primary Contact please visit our CER Primary Contact page.

About the Author

Alia Shinbrough

Rev. Alia Shinbrough (they/them) is Congregational Life Field Staff for the Central East Region, serving congregations across New York State, New York City, and Long Island; Northeast New Jersey; and Western Connecticut. Rev. Alia is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who earned a Master of Divinity

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