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UU@UN Envoy Resources
International Engagement & Building Peace

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There are several ways to communicate ideas, plans, and questions with your fellow Envoys...

  • UU@UN Envoys Facebook group - Instructions to join and use (PDF)
  • Monthly Conference Calls (Usually 3pm & 6pm EDT on the third Tuesday of each month. Check your email or the Envoy News for details on upcoming calls.)
  • Make sure your congregation's Envoy or Envoy Team is on the Map of UU@UN Envoys. When logged in, click the username of an Envoy on the map to contact them directly.

Resources to Use in Your Congregation

Materials to Print and Share

Here you can find links to download flyers about each of the UU@UN's program areas. You can print these and share them with others in your congregation!

We had a tutorial in Sept. 2018 on the process to add a congregation to the map of UU-UNO Envoys. This was recorded; check it out below. One follow-up note to the tutorial:

Your email address does not show up automatically on your user page. In the tutorial I was logged in with my UUA staff account which has special permissions. It will just show "Contact: Send a Message" when someone (who's logged in) clicks on your account name. Using that form will send the person an email notification that they have a message adn they can log into UUA.org to reply within the system.

Rev. Chris Antal speaking from the podium at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern

Rev. Chris Antal

Educate your Congregation on Drone Warfare

In the October 2017 Envoy Conference Call, we were joined by Rev. Chris Antal who presented about the realities of lethal drones used by the U.S. military and shared many resources for Envoys to use to get their congregations involved.

Educational Resources Learning about the impact of lethal drones

UUA Resources Connecting our UU faith with advocating against lethal drones

Resources for Congregations Leading programs about lethal drones

  • Flyer about film series on lethal drones - there are 5 (soon to be 6) half-hour films with accompanying discussion guides. Consider hosting a "Scones & Drones" or "Calzones & Drones" series after church!
  • Interfaith Network on Drone Warfare website is where you can register to host the film series and find lots of other info & resources on this topic.
  • Drones Quilt Project allows congregations to host an exhibition of drone memorial quilts (each square honors a person who has been killed by a U.S. lethal drone strike)

Rev. Antal wants to get at least 25 congregations registered to host these conversations & film screenings - can yours be one? Please visit interfaithdronenetwork.org to register and antal [at] uuma [dot] org (email Rev. Antal) for additional info/support.

For more information contact unitednations@uua.org.

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