Sixth Principle Award for Congregations Supporting the UU Office at the United Nations

The Sixth Principle Award is an annual recognition that the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations (UU@UN) grants to congregations who demonstrate their commitment to building a world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all (our UU Sixth Principle’s goal). These congregations are awarded based on their financial support of and active engagement with the work of the UU@UN.

Having a prominent place within the civil society community at the United Nations gives Unitarian Universalists the chance to let our values be heard and respected on a global stage. Unitarian Universalists have had an outsized impact by working with the United Nations and its Member States and agencies to promote Unitarian Universalist understandings of justice and inclusion in their work for human rights, peace, and climate action.

Collaborating with the UU@UN allows UU congregations to have an impact locally through amplifying United Nations initiatives and the values of interdependence and multilateralism in their communities. The UU@UN’s work is only possible because of the generosity of congregations and individuals who support it.

A prior version of this award recognized “Blue Ribbon Congregations” between 2009 and 2020. View a map of congregations who have received the Blue Ribbon or Sixth Principle Awards.

Sixth Principle Award Requirements

Unitarian Universalist congregations have a great opportunity to strengthen support for the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations (UU@UN) by working to become Sixth Principle Congregations.

The Sixth Principle Award is given yearly to congregations that have shown their continued support of the UU@UN by completing at least three of the following activities between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022. At least one of the three must be from the Donation category; any number may be from the Action Category.

Donation Category

  • Congregational Gift: Minimum donation of $100 or $2/member*
    Talk to your minister and administrators to find out how to create an annual budget line for a UU@UN donation. Alternatively, the criteria can be accomplished via a special collection at your UN Sunday service. Read Instructions to send donations (PDF, 5 pages) collected in your congregation (U.S. or Canada) to the UU@UN.
  • Supporters: At least 5% of members* or 15 individuals become Supporters
    People can become UU@UN Supporters at the following annual levels:
    • $250 - Global Equality Supporter
    • $150 - Family/Household Supporter
    • $60 - Individual Supporter
    • $30 – Retired/Student Supporter

Note: A couple or family that donates at the Global Equality or Family/Household Supporter level can be counted as two (2) people for Award purposes. Become a UU@UN Supporter today by donating online.

*Talk to your minister and administrators if you are not sure how many members belong to your congregation.

Action Category

  • UN Sunday: Host a United Nations Sunday service
    Congregations that hold a Sunday worship service dedicated to the United Nations and our UU connections must submit a description of the service via the report form below to qualify for the Sixth Principle Award.
  • Intergenerational Spring Seminar: Send congregants to attend the 2021 Intergenerational Spring Seminar
    The Intergenerational Seminar is hosted by the UU@UN every spring and is an opportunity to learn about an issue of global concern, how to take action, and form meaningful intergenerational relationships.
  • Discussion Group: Host a UU@UN-related film screening and/or discussion group
    Hosting a discussion group to talk about a video, film, or book that pertains to the work of the United Nations and/or the UU Office at the UN is a great way to engage the congregation. To qualify for the Sixth Principle Award, simply submit a description of the event via the report form below.
  • Action Event: Organize and lead a global justice action event in your congregation
    There are lots of ways that congregations can take action locally to further UN initiatives for justice, inclusion, and/or sustainability. Submit a report on the action via the report form below in order to qualify for the Sixth Principle Award.

Once a congregation has met at least three of these requirements by the March 31 deadline, they must submit a report to the UU@UN through the linked form. Download the document (DOCX) to see all the questions as you prepare to submit your report.

After You Submit Your Report

When you submit your completed report, if everything is in order your congregation will be recognized for its steadfast dedication to international human rights and will be presented with:

  • An award certificate at a reception in your honor at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly or the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) National Conference
  • Formal recognition on the UU@UN​ website
  • A specialized video from UU@UN staff honoring your congregation’s contribution

For more information or advice on how to become a Sixth Principle Congregation, contact our office:

Fill out my online form.