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Participants in conversation at the UU-UNO's Intergenerational Spring Seminar
UU-UNO Intergenerational Spring Seminar
UU-UNO Intergenerational Spring Seminar
International Engagement & Building Peace

With a deep passion for and commitment to international human rights, youth and adults from all over North America gather annually for our three day seminar to dig deeply into issues with global impact.

The intergenerational seminar is an opportunity to collaborate with others while learning how to be a global activist. Through workshops, peer and expert-led panel discussions, community building activities, and worship services, participants undergo a transformative process of learning, reflection, and growth as we explore some of the most challenging issues facing humanity today.

Registration is now open for the 2018 Intergenerational Seminar!

2018 Intergenerational Spring Seminar

When Crisis Calls: Advancing Just Migration For All

Our 2018 Seminar, When Crisis Calls: Advancing Just Migration For All, will be April 5-7, 2018, in New York City. (Youth and sponsors will arrive April 4th for orientation.) An overview of the 2018 programming and schedule is available and will be updated regularly. Together, we will consider global engagement with issues such as:

  • How do we understand the causes and scale of the global refugee crisis?
  • What can we as individual people of faith do about the global refugee crisis?
  • How do societies work within seemingly legal frameworks to criminalize aspects of a person's identity? (such as their religion, their race, their immigration status, their country of origin, their sexual orientation, etc.)
  • What initiatives are happening on a local, national, or global level to address the global migration crisis?
  • How are faith and migration interconnected in today's political climate and across history?
  • What is the impact of the migration crisis on the lives of individual refugees and displaced people, as well as on the communities and countries that receive refugees?
  • How does the media shape our understanding of the refugee crisis?
  • How can spirituality sustain us as we engage in this justice work?

The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) is excited to be partnering with the UU College of Social Justice on this event! Programming will be interactive, encouraging participants to reflect on how the topics addressed affect them in their lives, their spirituality, and how they are called to respond. Moving from ideas to concrete action, participants will learn tools and skills to help them with future collaboration and activism. Each person will participate in an intergenerational Collaboration Group, touching base periodically throughout the seminar to reflect on and process the issues discussed.

The seminar will also include programming designed specifically for religious professionals who are interested in incorporating a global perspective into their congregational ministry.

This project is funded in part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism.

Youth at Spring Seminar

The UU United Nations Office's Intergenerational Spring Seminar is open to anyone age 14 and up, and typically around half of all participants are between ages 14 and 18. Youth orientation begins a day early, so for Seminar 2018 youth will arrive by 6pm on Wednesday, April 4. Safety is our top priority—all youth attending the seminar must be accompanied by an adult Sponsor (maximum 5 youth per Sponsor). Upon arriving, a thorough orientation will be provided for Youth and their Sponsors. See our FAQ sheet for Youth and Sponsors (PDF) to learn more.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Collaboration Group Leaders: (Position open to youth or adults!) Seminar participants have the opportunity to facilitate intergenerational small discussion groups called Collaboration Groups that meet periodically throughout the Seminar. All participants gather in Collaboration Groups to struggle together with the issues raised during the Seminar, process and discuss ideas, and reflect creatively on solutions. Guiding readings and prompt questions will be provided, and Collaboration Group Leaders will receive a virtual training prior to the seminar. Application deadline extended to February 19, 2018.
  • Identity Group Facilitators: (Position open to youth or adults!) During the Seminar there will be time when all Seminar participants will gather in race-based affinity groups for structured conversations about race and migration. Learn about race-based identity groups. Experienced facilitators are needed to help guide these conversations - these facilitators might also be Collaboration Group Leaders. Applications due February 19, 2018. 

  • Spring Seminar Deans: The Seminar Staff includes one Adult Dean (one-year position) and two Youth Deans (2-year position) who serve as leaders of youth programming during the seminar and key members of the Seminar Planning Committee. All fees, including registration, travel, food, and lodging are covered by UU-UNO. Applications for Youth Dean and for Adult Dean are closed.
  • Spring Seminar Chaplains: The Seminar Staff includes Adult Chaplains and two Youth Chaplains. Their role is to provide a listening ear to participants who need to process the spiritual or emotional impact of their experience. Must receive chaplain training prior to start of the seminar. All fees, including registration, travel, food, and lodging are covered by UU-UNO. Applications for Youth Chaplains and Adult Chaplains are closed.
  • Spring Seminar Planning Committee: (Position open to youth or adults!) In the months leading up to the Spring Seminar, our Planning Committee convenes via video conference call in teams to determine and coordinate the events of the Spring Seminar. Registration fees covered by UU-UNO. Applications for the 2018 Planning Committee are closed. 

    The Planning Committee consists of the following teams: 
    • NYC Host Team: Responsible for coordinating logistics; taking the lead on communications & publicity; and arranging supplies, catering, & etc. for the Seminar.
    • Worship Team: Organize worship and incorporating spiritual engagement throughout the Spring Seminar.
    • Youth Programming Team: Organize activities and coordinate orientations for youth participants and their sponsors.
    • Workshop Team: Coordinate activities including workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and other events for seminar participants.

How Immigration Became Illegal

Aviva Chomsky
From Beacon Press
Explores what it means to be undocumented in a legal, social, economic and historical context.

The Death of Josseline:
Immigration Stories from the Arizona Borderlands

Margaret Regan
From Beacon Press
Dispatches from Arizona-the front line of a massive human migration-including the voices of migrants, Border Patrol, ranchers, activists, and others

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