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Emerging Religious Landscape

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Our 21st century religious landscape continues to shift and change, from the local to the global.

In the global sphere, a new organization, the U/U Global Network, is in the process of taking shape. The Network aims to foster collaboration and mutual support among diverse U/U groups, emerging communities, and initiatives. The organization also hopes to build and maintain relationships with U/U groups across the world through open communication, responding to the emerging priorities of the global U/U community as raised by community members, and providing assistance and resources to U/U individuals and organizations who seek help.

And for the UUA, in an effort to support those who are meeting the challenge to transform Unitarian Universalism into a faith that more closely embodies the Beloved Community that UUs envision, we’ve launched the UU Cultivators Collaborative program.

The UU Cultivators Collaborative program will provide customized support and encouragement for spiritual innovators from historically underserved communities – including Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, youth, young adults, families with young children with special needs, multilingual and immigrant communities, and more - through a cohort model. Participants will provide mutual support to build collective knowledge and will be connected to expert mentors and resources for developing and testing innovative prototypes.

U/U Global Network

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In 2024 the U/U Global Network was established, led by a collaborative group called the Leadership and Design Team. The U/U Global Network is focused on:Fostering collaboration and mutual support among diverse U/U groups, emerging communities, and initiativesBuilding and maintaining relationships...

U-U Global Network

UU Cultivators Collaborative

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A new opportunity to support spiritual innovators from historically underserved communities

Cultivators Collaborative


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The UUA Office of Global Connections and Emerging Communities is pleased to share information about convenings related to our work, both upcoming and from the recent past.Leading Into the Future In October 2023, 50 global U/Us from 17 countries gathered in Prague, Czech Republic for Leading into ...