International Unitarian Universalism

Global Faith

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Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists (U/U) around the world are connected through a story of bold, compassionate faith that we’ve been creating together for centuries.

Human Rights Discussion Guide

The UUA’s Global Connections and Emerging Communities Office has created a resource for congregations on cross-cultural engagement and the role of identity in organizing for justice. The resource includes stories from our work with justice partners in India, provoking congregants to reflect on themes like identity and privilege, trust, cultural difference, relationship-building, and human rights. This guide for a 75-minute online discussion would work well as an Adult Religious Education program or even an opportunity for a congregation’s Religious Education program to partner with their Social Justice leaders to hold a reflective and inspiring online discussion.

Post-Imperial Futures

UUA Global Connections & Emerging Communities Office and Meadville Lombard Theological School offer learnings to address the legacy of Empire and how its desire to dominate and mark out Otherness has us participate in harmful colonial enterprises.

U/Us Abroad

There are U/U congregations and groups in nearly 30 countries around the world; some are very small, and some are quite large. And U/Uism varies dramatically from country to country, even more so than it varies from congregation to congregation in the United States. If you are a UU interested in visiting U/U groups in other parts of the world, please read our travel advice.

Partner Churches

When the UU Partner Church Council ceased operations, the UUA began facilitating funds transfers between partner churches. If you plan to send funds to your partner church, please visit our partnerships page.