Get Involved with the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations

Guided by our principles, Unitarian Universalists (UUs) are called to advocate for international human rights, peace, and climate justice, promoting the inherent worth and dignity of people and planet. The Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations (UU@UN) is the UU voice to the UN. Join our global social justice movement by getting involved and building awareness!

Get Involved...Through Your UU Congregation

  • Become an Envoy
    Envoys represent the UU@UN within their congregation, working to get their congregation involved in international issues and sharing important information on current UN and UU@UN activities. Learn more about the Envoy Program.

    • Youth Envoy Program
      A Youth Envoy acts as a link or liaison between your congregation or your congregation’s Youth Group and the work of the UU@UN. Learn about becoming a Youth Envoy.

  • Host a UN Sunday Service
    Every year, the UU@UN invites congregations and individual UUs to deepen their understanding of the United Nations by devoting one service each October to reaffirm the connections between UU principles and the vital issues dealt with at the UN. Learn more about hosting a UN Sunday service.

  • Earn the Sixth Principle Congregation Award
    Strengthen support for the UU@UN by helping your congregation achieves the Sixth Principle Award and be recognized for its steadfast dedication to our UU goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. Learn more about Becoming a Sixth Principle Congregation.

  • Run a UN Religious Education Program
    The UU@UN’s Religious Education curriculum entitled “UN Me” teaches children about the UN and helps expand their knowledge of international affairs. Learn more about the UN Me Curriculum.

Get Involved...As an Individual

  • Donate
    Our work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors. Please consider making a donation today.

  • Attend the Intergenerational Spring Seminar
    Every April, youth and adults from around the U.S. and Canada gather for our exciting and educational Intergenerational Spring Seminar. All participants gain a deep understanding on a topic of global concern in a fun intergenerational environment. Learn more about the Intergenerational Spring Seminar.

  • Participate in Our Events
    Check out the UUA International Events calendar for upcoming opportunities to participate in events hosted by the UUA Office at the United Nations and our partners. Learn more about upcoming events.

  • Enter the Dana Greeley Sermon Competition
    The UU@UN invites submissions of sermons or addresses that speak to building a more just international community. Learn more about the Greeley Sermon Award.

  • Intern at the UU@UN
    Our internship program provides an exciting opportunity to learn about the United Nations and to work in support of UN efforts to eradicate injustice and promote human rights around the world. Learn more about Internship Opportunities.

  • Subscribe & Follow
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Resources to Take Action

There are many ways to be involved with the UUA Office at the UN and take action to advance justice locally and globally.

The UUA Office at the UN hosts an Intergenerational Seminar every spring addressing an issue of global concern. Each year's Seminar concludes with recommended actions that individuals and communities can take to address those global issues. Check out our page about past Seminars to learn more about the specific issues and find resources for further engagement. Of particular note: