United Nations Sunday

graphic depicting someone lighting a candle and the text "UN Sunday Resources 2020 Worship Theme: Climate Justice"

What is UN Sunday?

United Nations Sunday celebrates the work of the United Nations and your Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations (UU@UN). Each year we encourage congregations to have a service and/or event to celebrate! We create a collection of UN Sunday Resources (check them out below) which highlight our suggested theme and provide readings, an RE curriculum, planning timeline and checklist, order of service (including hymns), and more. Our UN Sunday theme is based on the April Intergenerational Spring Seminar topic. The 2020 theme is All In for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet.

As UN Day is October 24, we invite you to hold the 2020 service and/or event on Sunday, October 25. If this date in unavailable, try another weekend in October or another date that works for your congregation.

Additionally, we ask congregations to dedicate their UN Sunday offering to support the work of the UU Office at the United Nations​. We depend on individual and congregational support to keep this work going.

UN Sunday Resources

We encourage Ministers, Lay Leaders, as well as Youth and Adult Envoys to use our prepared materials and/or develop your own ideas for a UN Sunday service. Click through to access the resources for UN Sunday 2020.

Part 1. UN Sunday: Celebrating the Unitarian Universalist - United Nations Connection

This section provides an overview of how to use the United Nations Sunday resources, what the United Nations is all about, and what to know before starting to plan your service.

  • About United Nations Sunday 2020: Learn about UUism at the United Nations and why we celebrate on UN Sunday, especially in 2020: the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the UN.
  • Map of UN Sunday services: Seek inspiration from congregations that have held UN Sunday services in prior years.

Part 2. 2020 Theme "All In for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet"

This section provides information about this year's theme and can be used as inspiration when writing a sermon or reflection.

Part 3. Planning a UN Sunday Service

This section includes a checklist and other resources to guide clergy and laypeople in putting together a UN Sunday service.

Part 4. Beyond UN Sunday

Stay involved with the UU@UN beyond United Nations Sunday.