Changes and Terminations for UU Group Insurance Plans

Please communicate employee updates including income changes, terminations, retirement, elective drop of coverage, etc. by using the Insurance and Employee Changes Form.

Do not send changes or other correspondence with payments.

Reportable Changes Include:

  • Employee termination or retirement
  • Employee income updates (affects Life/AD&D and LTD coverage)
  • Employee address changes (Health premiums may change. Dental record updates through our office.)
  • Employee Transitions (from one congregation to another)
  • Employee Elective Drop of coverage
  • Employee Life Events that may precipitate changes (Qualifying events)
  • Employee illness/injury which may result in an LTD claim
  • Employee death

If you are enrolled in Life Insurance and would like to convert to an individual policy:

Use Notice of Life Insurance Conversion Privilege Form (PDF) to request a cost quote from Guardian for individual coverage. They will respond with an enrollment form and pricing information. To get a converted policy, you must apply using the form and pay the required premium. You have 31 days after your group life insurance ends to do this. You will not be asked for proof that you’re insurable.

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I’m a UU humanist passionate about health equity and affordable care for all. I come to the UUA with over 15 years of managed care experiences and numerous years of public health advocacy work. Healthy living is a major part of my identity which includes balancing spiritual, physical, mental and...

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