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UU Climate Action Roundtable

The UU Climate Action Roundtable calls are not currently taking lace regularly, however CATs are encouraged to participate in conversation and resource-sharing via the "UU Climate Action Network" group in Create Climate Justice Net.

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Climate Action Team (CAT) Program

As part of the Unitarian Universalist Climate Action Network, Climate Action Teams (CATs) are groups within UU congregations that are passionate about climate justice and want to take action. The idea is to have congregations get involved and raise awareness for climate justice issues at local, national, and international levels. As part of this program, congregations will have access to materials, resources, and networking opportunities so they may have a greater impact on the topics that they are passionate about. CATs, as well as individuals, can come together online via the Create Climate Justice network for conversation about spiritual resources, current events, stories, questions and struggles, and calls for action and solidarity towards climate justice. Check out the sidebar to join the conversation.

As a whole, CATs work to reduce their congregation’s carbon footprint, promote socially just climate change solutions, and add to the network of UUs active on climate change. Individually, they focus on the issues that they themselves are most passionate about and hold events ranging from environmental film festivals to taking part in climate change marches.

The values of Climate Action Teams are founded on Unitarian Universalist Principles, with support from the 2006 UUA Statement of Conscience: "Threat of Global Warming, 2006 Statement of Conscience" and the 2015 Action of Immediate Witness (AIW): “Support a Strong, Compassionate Global Climate Agreement in 2015: Act for a Livable Climate”.

Call to Action

We have a moral, ethical, and survival imperative to act effectively to ensure ecosystem health, livelihood, peace and justice for us and for future generations. You have the power to be a leader who inspires action to mitigate climate change impacts and implement responsible climate risk management.

Goals for Climate Actions Teams*

  1. Your congregation and local community’s carbon footprint is lowered.
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation policy is implemented at the local, national, and international level.
  3. Climate change solutions are socially just.
  4. Your CAT is actively involved in the network.

*Climate Action Teams (CATs) are formed by congregations and they determine their own goals and values. The above are ideas which the CATs can adopt if they wish.

Resources for Forming Your CAT

Please visit these pages for all of the necessary tools needed to form your Climate Action Team!