Get Involved with the Climate Justice Initiative

People's Climate March
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UU-UNO Director Bruce Knotts speaks on climate justice, our Unitarian Universalist response, & the Commit2Respond campaign.

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A key way to be involved with the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations's (UU@UN's) Climate Justice Initiative is through the Unitarian Universalist Climate Action Network. This network allows Unitarian Universalist climate activists and congregational Climate Action Teams to connect all over North America and beyond. The network includes opportunities to share news, stories, resources, and calls to action. Find out more about Climate Action Teams (CATs) and participate in the monthly Climate Action Roundtable conversations.—a new online platform to where congregation-based groups (like CATs!), state and regional action networks, individuals, and organizations can connect, organize, share resources, build coalitions, and magnify efforts for faith-grounded climate justice.

Climate Justice Initiative Projects

Interested individuals, congregations, and Climate Action Teams can consider our Ten Suggestions to Get Involved on Climate Justice when looking for ideas and inspirations for projects and action in your community.

Climate Change Religious Education Curriculum

Climate change is a pressing issue for all of us, but it especially affects our children. It can be a confusing topic, not to mention terrifying and difficult to discuss with children. However, teaching children about climate change is a vital part in working for a more environmentally sustainable and just future. The UU@UN Initiative has developed Religious Education (RE) curriculum for Unitarian Universalist (UU) churches to use in teaching about this tricky topic. This course aims to give participants a solid understanding of the facts behind climate change, an appreciation of the earth, and tools to find solutions on a range of scales. Please consider teaching a course and utilizing our Climate Change RE Curriculum.

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