International Justice and Action: UU Office at the United Nations

First Steps for Climate Action Teams

The following steps are recommendations that CATs can utilize if they choose, to help get started taking climate action as a team. The main requirement is to register with the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office.

“CAT Values and Goals” and “Ten Suggestions to Get Involved on Climate Justice”

Delegate Responsibilities

  • Establish a CAT point person whom the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) can communicate with. The UU-UNO will share the CAT’s contact information with other CATs and representatives in Commit2Respond who are working on climate change, environmental justice, and related topics. We encourage the Climate Action Teams to obtain information and inspiration from all UU groups and organizations under Commit2Respond and to be in touch with them when questions arise.
  • We recommend that your group distribute communications, financial management, and over-all leadership responsibilities among at least three CAT members. For example, a CAT Executive Board might include, in addition to the point person, an outreach coordinator and treasurer.

Create Your CAT’S Email Address

Create Your CAT’s Blog

  • While CATs are not required to do so, the UU-UNO Climate Justice Initiative recommends that you may want to create a blog/website to share photos, resources, and information about your CAT and its work.
  • We recommend that CATs utilize Gmail’s Blogger to create and design your blog. You will have access to this resource as soon as you create your Gmail account.
  • Read “Online Instructions and Recommendations” included in this resource packet for directions on creating a blog through Google Blogger.
  • You can title your blog, “Your Congregation Climate Action Team” and make your blog address: yourcongregationcat@your blog cite’s standard ending. This standard format for your blog title and address is helpful so that our office, along with other CATs can easily find your blog.
  • See “Online Instructions and Recommendations” for suggestions about using your blog.

Register Your CAT

  • If you decide to start a Climate Action Team, or would like to register your congregation’s environmental group, please register here or contact for more questions.

Develop a Strategic Plan