Types of Chaplain Recognition

The UUA Official Endorser is the only officially recognized endorsing person for Unitarian Universalist applicants for Military Chaplain Candidate Programs, Active Duty Military Chaplains, National Guard/Reserve Chaplains, Civil Air Patrol Chaplains, Merchant Marines, and other federally recognized military/government branches and agencies, such as the Veteran’s Administration and Federal Bureau of Prisons.

  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement for the Chaplain Candidate Program:
    Ecclesiastical endorsement for the Chaplain Candidate Program may be given to persons in Aspirant status in seminary who apply during their first or second year of full-time enrollment and who qualify for the Chaplain Candidate Program. The applicant should be in the process of obtaining ministerial fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association and be working toward ordination. If the Aspirant remains in good standing with the UUA, makes normal progress, and meets all other stipulated requirements (such as ministerial experience, fitness standards, etc.), they may then be considered for endorsement for Active Duty, Armed Forces Reserves, or National Guard chaplaincy after graduation and acceptance into fellowship.
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement to Accession into the Chaplaincy:
    Only the Official Endorser may grant ecclesiastical endorsement for Active Duty/Reserve/National Guard and Veterans Affairs after an interview with applicants who are ordained, in fellowship with the UUA, and meet all military age, educational and physical requirements. To be endorsed for Active Duty, applicants are expected to have at least two years of demonstrated pastoral ministry experience. The Official Endorser may establish other criteria.