Endorsement and/or Approval Process

Candidates seeking either Ecclesiastical Endorsement or Approval must:

  1. Complete and submit a standard application form.
  2. Submit an essay (between 1000 and 2500 words) detailing the reasons for
    seeking position as military chaplain,
    and confirms their understanding of the nature of military chaplaincy
  3. Submit at least three letters of reference, one of which shall be from a UU
  4. Be successfully interviewed by the Official Endorser and/or designate

Ecclesiastical endorsement or approval is initially granted for three years, then subject to review and renewal for an indefinite period. Should the Chaplain fail to submit required annual reports, be removed from fellowship with the UUA, renounce their ministerial fellowship, be convicted of either a felony or crime of moral turpitude, or should their military (active duty, reserve, or National Guard) status be revoked or terminated, then endorsement and/or approval can be immediately revoked.

Responsibility of Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate:

  1. Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate provides updates as to duty assignments and contact information.
  2. Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate maintains membership in a UU congregation. It is understood that the Church of the Larger Fellowship may be the most appropriate congregation for membership.
  3. The chaplain continues to be in good standing and fellowship with the UUA.
  4. Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate prepares a brief annual report by October 15 each year that summarizes the service provided in their duty assignment.
  5. Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate submits all their officer evaluation to the
    Official Endorser. These documents will only be reviewed by the Official Endorser and will be placed within their Ministerial Fellowship file at the UUA for safekeeping.

Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate is required to attend annually UUA Chaplain Training Events, as well as the UUMA Professional Days/UUA General Assembly. Chaplains/Chaplain Candidates are also expected to attend UU Ministers Association Chapter meetings, and/or meetings of host nation UU bodies. Dispensation may be granted by the Official Endorser in exceptional circumstances. This requirement is in place so that Chaplains may retain on-going connection with the UUA.