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On-going Support by the Unitarian Universalist Association

  1. Chaplain/Chaplain Candidate is expected to annually attend the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) Professional Days/ Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly. Further they are expected to attend other national meetings of the UU Ministers Association, a UU Ministers Association Chapter meeting, or meetings of host nation UU gatherings. Exceptions can be made for Chaplains serving in multi-year overseas assignments. This requirement is in place so that Chaplains may retain on-going connection with the UUA.
  2. UUA through Department of Ministry appoints Committee on Military Ministry to support, mentor and befriend UU military chaplains/chaplain candidates, and their families. Members of Committee on Military Ministry (CMM) should be persons with knowledge and commitment to supporting UU military chaplains/chaplain candidates. As volunteers, expenses for phone calls and small appreciative items will be reimbursed.
  3. Committee on Military Ministry (CMM) to be in regular contact with the Military Chaplains, and their families, to provide on-going support. The Department of Ministry provides the CMM with contact information for the Military Chaplains and their families.
  4. UUA and Committee on Military Ministry develop and use rituals for military chaplains/chaplain candidates, including commissioning service, blessing for departing service members, acknowledgement and thanks for retiring Chaplains.
  5. Official Endorser and/or chaplain/mentor visit Chaplains annually, where possible.
  6. Official Endorser and/or Committee on Military Ministry members visit with Chaplain’s/Chaplain Candidate’s Command should issues arise in the Chaplain’s/Chaplain Candidate’s service to provide support and ensure fair treatment.
  7. UUA identify and use services of consultant on military protocol to advise on any visits with, or services for, military Chaplains/Chaplain Candidates.