Workshop 8: Building Multigenerational Connections

Web Component: Multigenerational Relationships

This session brings youth and adults in the congregation together to get to know each other and discover the importance of multigenerational relationships. Download Workshop 8 (PDF) (Word).


This session will:

  • Demonstrate to participants the value of having people from different generations in their lives
  • Create a welcoming space for youth and adults in the congregation to get to know each other
  • Explore the qualities of healthy multigenerational relationships

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Think about and share their life experience as belonging to a specific generation
  • Learn about the life experience of people from different generations
  • Find common ground and celebrate diversity with people from different generations
  • Learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy connections between youth and adults







Check In and Chalice Lighting.

Activity 1: Generational Stories


Participants learn about generational markers and learn about people from different generations.

Activity 2: Multigenerational Fishbowl


Participants practice conversation to find common ground and celebrate diversity with people from different generations.



Sharing gratitude.

Special Notes

At least two weeks before you facilitate this session, connect with the director of religious education or minister to make a list of ten or so adults in the congregation from multiple generations who may be willing to participate in this session. See Leader Resource 1, Invitation to Join our Multigenerational Discussion for more information. Once you have identified the adults who will be joining this session, invite visitors to consider the Spiritual Preparation section of this workshop.