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Deep Fun: Games and Activities

3 people, including one using a scooter, dance wearing colorful clothing

Games have always been an important part of Unitarian Universalist (UU) youth culture. Games are played in youth group meetings, at conferences, during worships, or to break up a business plenary session. Although games are a wonderful way to socialize, they can also fulfill other goals of successful youth programming. They can be a vehicle for learning, leadership, worship, and even social action. Games remind us that the spirit of fun can permeate everything we do and that fun can be full of meaning.

The book "Deep Fun: Games and Activities" documents the games that have been cherished by UU youth through the years. Since its development in 1998, our understanding of antiracism/anti-oppression/multicultural (AR/AO/MC) and accessibility issues has changed and developed. We encourage you to make these games your own by adapting them to the size, needs, and tastes of your group, as well as applying a more current AR/AO/MC/accessibility lens and an understanding of radical consent to their application.

To make this book more user-friendly for youth and advisors, it was organized into five chapters, loosely based on Denny Rydberg’s “Five Steps to Building Community.”