Workshop 9: Conflict Resolution and Transformation
Workshop 9: Conflict Resolution and Transformation
High School-Aged Youth Faith Development, Leadership Development, Conflict Management in Congregations

Web of Youth Ministry Component: Justice Making

This session describes concrete skills for staying engaged during and resolving conflict. Download Workshop 9 (PDF) (Word).


This session will:

  • Introduce the idea that conflict is a healthy part of community building
  • Provide insight to participants about what their peers and mentors think about conflict
  • Guide participants in practicing empathy and self empathy
  • Guide participants in practicing conflict resolution and transformation

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Recognize that conflict is a healthy part of life
  • Identify and discuss successful conflict resolution skills
  • Find ways to utilize problem solving skills into real life situations







Check In and Chalice Lighting.

Activity 1: Opinion Continuum


Participants learn to listen to others talk about their thoughts on conflict, and share their personal experiences with it.

Activity 2: Conflict Resolution and Transformation Role Play


Participants practice empathy and learn skills for resolving and transforming conflict through role play.

Closing 5 Singing together.

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