Before You Start the "Bringing the Web to Life" Curriculum

Read the curriculum before you begin the program, focusing especially on the materials lists. Take note of activities that require extra preparation, and plan ahead so you will have the necessary materials in time. Some of the workshops require advanced preparation and/or coordination between the co-facilitators and the leadership team of your congregation. For example, in the Taking it Home section of Workshop 1, The Web of Youth Ministry, participants are invited to submit a proposal for a new program or activity that addresses one of the components of the Web of Youth Ministry they feel most excited about. This requires the co-facilitators to provide advanced notice to the minister and/or religious educator so they know to expect these proposals. In Workshop 8, Building Multigenerational Relationships, the co-facilitators will need to meet with the minister and/or religious educator to identify a list of adults from multiple generations to attend the workshop and send out invitations to those adults at least two weeks in advance.

Before you set your calendar or commit to a project outside the regular meeting time or location, obtain the support of your congregational leadership and the youth’s families.

Mandated Reporting

As a teacher, you may be required by law and/or your congregation’s policies to report information youth share that involves a youth hurting someone or being hurt, or any situation that could be construed as illegal or dangerous that involves youth. Ask your religious educator what is expected of you, including to whom you should report which kinds of information.