Workshop 1: The Web of Youth Ministry
Workshop 1: The Web of Youth Ministry
High School-Aged Youth Faith Development, Leadership Development

Web of Youth Ministry Component: Introduction to the Web of Youth Ministry

This session describes the elements that comprise a balanced youth ministry using the model of the Web of Youth Ministry. Download Workshop 1 (PDF) (Word).


This session will:

  • Introduce the components of the Web of Youth Ministry
  • Explore the many forms that youth ministry takes in and beyond congregations
  • Address how to create a balanced youth ministry that is appropriate to the size of the congregation and youth developmental needs and interests

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Have a broader understanding of the components of youth ministry
  • Apply the web of youth ministry to their own setting and consider what changes they might like to work towards







Check In and Chalice Lighting.

Activity 1: The Web of Youth Ministry


Participants learn about the Web of Youth Ministry and explore the components.

Activity 2: Actions and Ideas


Participants brainstorm specific activities or actions that fit within each component of the Web of Youth Ministry.



Singing together

Special Notes:

In the Taking it Home handout participants are encouraged to write a proposal to implement a project or program that excited them most from the list that the group generated and meet with their minister, advisor or religious educator to discuss their proposal.

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