Implementing the "Bringing the Web to Life" Curriculum

There are many leadership development events throughout UUA regions including Leadership Development Cons and Youth Leadership Schools. Bringing the Web to Life is not intended to compete with or replace these programs, rather it is meant to complement immersion experiences. In addition, because many youth do not have access to weekend or weeklong immersive leadership experiences for reasons of geography, financial means, congregational support or time commitment, this curriculum is offered as an alternative.

Each workshop is created to be able to stand on its own, or be used in conjunction with other workshops. The way you choose to use this material is up to you. You may choose to pick one or two workshops that contain information you think is vital for your youth ministry right now; select a number of workshops and present them all at once in a weekend or overnight; partner with your cluster congregations to host these workshops; or present one workshop a week, or a month, throughout the whole year.

Note that there are many wonderful alternate activities that go into more depth or approach themes in different ways. If you have time throughout the year, consider spreading some workshops across multiple meetings and using more alternate activities. Depending on your time and interests, you may choose to replace core activities with alternates, or add an alternate to your workshop. You may also want to use the alternate activities outside the program for gatherings involving youth such as family retreats, multigenerational dinners, or youth group meetings.

Workshop 3, Meaning of Leadership Worship deviates from the format of all the other sessions in that it is a worship, so ensure you take the time and spiritual preparation to create a worshipful space for participants.

Included in this curriculum, you will find feedback forms for leaders and participants. Asking youth to submit feedback shows them their voice matters. By giving your feedback, you directly influence faith development resources for the entire Association. All feedback is read and deeply appreciated.