Folks on stage at GA 2016

Applications for 2021 Thrive@GA staff are now open! Read below for all the information. The deadline for all applications (Thrive@GA, YA@GA Staff, GA Youth Junior Dean, and GA Youth Staff) is December 7th, 2020. This is a transitional year for the GA Youth and Young Adult staff teams. Check out this blog post from UUA staff to learn more about the new direction we are heading with the staffing structure and application process.

Apply to Be on Thrive@GA Staff

We are seeking passionate, enthusiastic, creative youth and young adults to co-create a welcoming, inclusive and exciting all-virtual 2021 General Assembly (GA) on June 23rd–27th.

When we have GA in-person, all volunteer staff attend GA for free—registration, travel, lodging, and a food stipend will all be provided at no cost to you. In the event of a virtual GA (like GA 2021), GA staff will receive a commensurate stipend.

So get all ready to apply for GA staff!

  1. Read through the application (PDF, 9 pages) to figure out which position(s) you're applying for. Consider if you want to just apply for Thrive@GA staff, or if you also want to apply for GA Youth staff and/or YA@GA staff.
  2. Copy the essay questions for the position(s) you're applying for into a word document, email or similar place where you can draft your answers and save them. Ask two people to be your references and make sure you have their contact information.
  3. Once your essay answers are done, open the online application form, fill it out, copy and paste in your essay answers, and submit the form before the December 9th deadline!

You may choose to also apply for positions with GA Youth or YA@GA, if applicable. You may only be selected for one GA staff position, however. The Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement selects Thrive@GA staff.

About Thrive@GA Coordinators

The Thrive Young Adult@GA Coordinator and Junior and Senior Youth of Color (YoC) Coordinators support youth and young adults of color (People of African Descent, Caribbean, Native/American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latina/o and Hispanic, Middle Eastern/Arab, and Multiracial) at GA and serve as fully-funded volunteer staff.

Like YA@GA and GA Youth staff, these volunteer staff attend General Assembly for free! Registration, travel, and housing will be paid for, along with a daily stipend for food. In the event of a virtual GA (GA 2021, for example), all volunteer staff will receive a commensurate stipend.

To apply to be the Thrive Young Adult @GA Coordinator, you must be a young adult age 18-35. To apply to be the Junior YoC Coordinator, you must be a high school aged youth. The Junior YoC Coordinator is a 2-year position. The current Senior YoC Coordinator mentors the Junior Thrive Youth@GA Coordinator.

Application Opens November 2nd and Closes December 7th

You will need to fill out some general information, give us the contact information for two references, and answer some brief essay questions. You may wish to download the application (PDF, 9 pages) to find the essay questions that relate to the position(s) you wish to apply for and write your answers before starting the online application form. You may also apply for positions with YA@GA and GA Youth Staff, if applicable. You may only be selected for one GA staff position, however. Selection is done by the staff in the Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement.

Thrive YA@GA Coordinator Responsibilities

The Thrive@GA Young Adults of Color facilitator resources and connects Young Adults of Color attending General Assembly. This is a one-year position. Members of the YA@GA team should expect to put in 5–10 hours a month, including communication, meetings, and training. Team members can expect their UUA Staff member (in this case Stevie Carmody) to help make sure the time commitment is manageable and works within their lives. General Assembly itself happens from June 23–27th, and team members can expect fairly full days during the conference.

In preparation for General Assembly, the Thrive@GA YAs of Color Facilitator will focus on relationship building and caucusing with BIPOC UU leaders and groups. Additionally, they will learn about resources and offerings relevant to YAs of Color.

During General Assembly, the Thrive@GA Facilitator will co-plan and facilitate emergent Young Adults of Color activities, and they will help connect YAs of Color to other BIPOC communities and resources.

GA Youth of Color Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Work with the other Youth of Color Coordinator and other youth at General Assembly (learn the first year, mentor the second year).

  • Work with the rest of GA Youth staff, other Thrive@GA Coordinators, and youth participants at GA to collaborate on emergent programming that will build community among UU youth of color.

  • Coordinate with DRUUMM, BLUU, and other groups for UUs of color to provide support, advocacy, spiritual depth, and connections to UU youth.

  • Plan and host our annual lunch and other get-togethers for UU youth of color at GA.

The Youth of Color Coordinators work to support and empower UU youth of color (people of African Descent, Caribbean, Native/American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latinx and Hispanic, Middle Eastern/Arab, and multiracial). Successful candidates care about the spiritual and community lives of young UUs of color at GA. They will be able to communicate effectively and often virtually with their partner, the GA Youth team, and other groups. Experience with Thrive Leadership School or other UU multicultural programs is a plus.

Coordinator Time Commitment

  • The Thrive Young Adult@GA Coordinator and YoC coordinators should plan for about 4-6 hours of work per month between January-June, as well as to be on the ground at General Assembly.
  • Thrive Young Adult@GA Coordinator is a 1-year position.
  • The Junior YoC Coordinator is a 2-year position and must be available for GAs 2021 and 2022.
a group of youth and young adults of color take a selfie at GA 2016

Team of facilitators lead a workshop on the Be the Change! curriculum.

Young adults of color at lunch at a long table at GA 2016

Young adults of color at lunch at 2016 General Assembly.

group of youth and young adults of color and a white young adult sit in a row

Youth and young adults, including Thrive Young Adult@GA Coordinator Vanessa Birchell, on stage sharing their experiences at General Assembly 2017.