The UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
The UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
UUA Staff

The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries is part of the Ministries and Faith Development staff group. We:

  • Advocate for the vision of multicultural, multigenerational youth and young adult ministries;
  • Promote a diverse approach to youth and young adult ministries addressing their unique needs;
  • Support on-campus and congregational ministry for students;
  • Connect youth and young adult leaders across the country for mutual support, solidarity and recognition;
  • Communicate success stories, challenges, hopes and dreams of youth and young adult ministries;
  • Provide resources and materials for youth and young adult leaders, religious professionals, and their allies.

For specific information on the programs and resources the Office supports, read "The Vision Behind Our Work," below.

  • Fax: (617) 948-6473

The Vision Behind Our Work

Youth Ministry

The vision that guides Unitarian Universalist Youth Ministry is taken from the multi-year, denomination-wide, accountable process that culminated in the 2009 Working Group Report (PDF) and was reinforced in the Mosaic Project Report (PDF). While we continue to work to implement the recommendations laid out in that report, dynamic youth ministry—described by the report as faith-centered, multigenerational, multicultural and congregation-based—continues to be our guiding light in youth leadership.

Campus Ministry

We promote a vision of Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry as part of the mission of local congregations, assisted by district and national support. We acknowledge that the students that campus ministry serves are in different life phases and that not all campus ministries are regularly meeting groups. We embrace the ebb and flow in both size and existence of campus groups, recognizing that this specific and changing constituency allows us to cater our ministry to those it is serving now.

Young Adult Ministry

We embrace a vision of Unitarian Universalist Young Adult (YA) Ministry that is as diverse as the young adults we serve. The young adult time of transition and discernment is a universal experience but one that is different for every person, and ministering to young adults means partnering with them wherever they are in their search for truth. Our young adult programs must be grounded in the hopes and needs that young adults articulate as they move through their transitions, and will change as the needs of young adults change.

Young adults represent a tremendous opportunity to expand our faith’s ministry through new approaches, forms and identities. The YA experience is a microcosm of the experience of our congregations and faith at large. Healthy ministry of any kind occurs through constantly evolving intentional community, and is built by listening deeply and supporting each person wherever they are on their journey.

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