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Leadership at General Assembly
Leadership at General Assembly

If you want to, there are lots of ways to lead at General Assembly - both small and large.

Serve on GA Youth Staff

Each year we need passionate, enthusiastic, creative youth and adults to co-create a welcoming, inclusive and exciting experience for youth attendees. All volunteer staff will attend GA for free - registration, travel, lodging, and a food stipend will all be provided at no cost to you.

Check out applications for GA Youth Staff - charged with creating programming and an inclusive experience for youth at GA.

Check out applications for Thrive@GA Youth Coordinator - charged with supporting youth of color at GA.

Check out the application for Dean of GA Youth - charged with managing the GA Youth staff.

Be a Delegate

Serving as a delegate gives youth a chance to participate in the democratic process and help shape the face of Unitarian Universalism. To become a delegate, youth must go through regular delegate election/selection processes (these vary from congregation to congregation). By sending youth as delegates, congregations send a powerful message that youth are a vital and important part of Unitarian Universalism. Sometimes congregations will cover some or all of your costs to attend.

Meet other delegates who are youth at Wednesday orientation then sit with them in the Youth Caucus seating in General Sessions. General Sessions are the times when the entire Assembly gathers for worshipful reflection and the business of the Association. During these sessions delegates from all UU congregations vote on changing bylaws of the Association and doing social witness work as part of our faith. Youth Caucus plays an important and influential role in each session. Although only youth who are delegates may speak on the floor during debates and votes, any youth may take part in the Youth Caucus business meetings leading up to the sessions.

Serve on the Right Relationship Team

The Right Relationship Team exists to listen to and engage with people who have experienced problems of oppression while at General Assembly. Learn More about Right Relations at GA

Work in the Bookstore

If you’re 18 years or older and want to earn a little cash while at GA, you can send your cover letter and resume to: inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop, Attention Rose Hanig, Manager, 24 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA 02210 or email bookstore [at] uua [dot] org. This position is filled in early May.


The General Assembly (GA) Volunteer Committee provides GA registration in exchange for volunteer work at GA. Volunteer Applications must be submitted by March 31. Youth (grades 9-12) volunteers are required to contribute 10 hours of service. Please do not register for General Assembly while your volunteer application is pending.

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