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YA@GA Staff Selection
YA@GA Staff Selection
Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35)

Applications for YA@GA staff are closed. Position descriptions and criteria below are for 2019 staff and may be changed for 2020 GA. The application process for 2020 YA@GA Staff will open in November 2019, so check back for new information!

In order to do the vital work of connecting, supporting and transforming young adults and folks of all generations at General Assembly, our Co-Facilitators need additional staff to help plan and implement YA@GA programming. 

For GA 2019 we are seeking 2 young adults (18-35) for two Spiritual Support roles. YA@GA staff will have their entire GA experience paid for; travel, hotel, registration and food will be covered by the UUA.

The application opens November 1st and closes November 30th. You will need to fill out some general information, give us the contact information for two references, and answer some brief essay questions. Follow these three steps to make your application process go smoothly:

  1. Read through the application (PDF) and visit the pages on GA Youth, Thrive@GA and YA@GA staff to figure out which position(s) you're applying for.
  2. Copy the essay questions for the position(s) you're applying for into a word document, email or similar place where you can draft your answers and save them. Ask two people to be your references and make sure you have their contact information.
  3. Once your essay answers are done and your references are secured, open the online application form, fill it out, copy and paste in your essay answers, and submit the form before the November 30th deadline!

 You may choose to apply for more than one YA@GA position and may also apply for positions with Thrive@GA or GA Youth, if applicable. You may only be selected for one GA staff position, however.  Selection for the YA@GA staff team is done by the YA@GA Co-Facilitators in consultation with the staff of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Spiritual Support Staff Responsibilities

  • Focus on making YA@GA a spiritually alive and spiritually healthy community for all young adults.

  • Plan and coordinate young adult oriented worship services

  • Lead or coordinate spiritual practices during and outside of program slots

  • Keep an eye out for pastoral needs and make referrals; connect with other groups at GA, especially the GA Chaplains in order to support the spiritual health of the community

  • Strong interest in using art as a medium to express and promote a model of spirituality practices

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