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Youth Caucus Programs
GA Youth Programs

GA Youth (formerly Youth Caucus) refers to the programming at General Assembly designed specifically for high school aged youth. GA Youth includes workshops, meetings to support delegates who are youth and to understand General Sessions, worships and fun events in the evening. Other than Orientation, it’s not mandatory for youth to attend GA Youth programs. There are tons of awesome events and activities on the GA Schedule that aren’t youth-specific that you should check out too.

PDF of GA Youth Schedule

Who Can Attend GA Youth Programs?

Anyone with a name-badge can attend GA Youth programs!

Can Adults Attend?

Yes! Adults play a different role in GA Youth space than they play in majority adult spaces. Since GA Youth is a place for high-school aged youth to explore and make cross-country connections, adult participation is one of mentorship and curiosity in an effort to draw out the gifts and wisdom of the youth.

Can Middle Schoolers Attend?

Yes, with a parent/guardian! Although, GA Youth programs are geared towards the 10th-11th grade developmental level. We've seen in the past that younger attendees, no matter their maturation level, find it difficult to participate in GA Youth programs which are outside of their age cohort, even with a parent or guardian present, and even if they are used to participating in a youth group at a similar grade-level at home. GA Youth staff are not equipped to provide younger youth with the additional appropriate support to integrate them into such a large group of several hundred older youth from all over the country. We encourage middle school aged youth to register for the awesome middle school camp.

GA Youth Orientation

Everything you need to know about the week ahead: rules, priorities, and getting to know staff. We’ll also have a sponsor orientation so they can learn their responsibilities. This is mandatory for all youth registrants and their sponsors. If you can’t make the main orientation on Wednesday, makeup orientations will be held at 8:30 AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; you are responsible for attending the first possible makeup orientation.  

Leadership Teams

Want to meet people passionate about the same things as you? Want to contribute your leadership talents to GA Youth? Want to learn new skills? Be part of our inclusion efforts, make an impact on the business of our association or plan a community worship by joining a leadership team directly after main Orientation.

2018 Workshops

  • Building Our Covenant—a covenant is an agreement we make to one another about how we want to be together throughout the week.
  • Amplifying Voices of Youth/Young Adults of Color—storytelling for youth of color and deep listening for white youth.
  • Making GA Last—interactive discussion on making the most of GA and bringing it home with you.
  • UU Theology Worship / Workshop—Go deep with our healing UU theology in community.
  • Closing Circle—Say so long but not farewell to new friends and honor the time you spent together at GA.

Check-in Groups

Each morning at 8:30 AM and each evening around 8:30 PM in the GA Youth Caucus Room, meet with other youth to reconnect and regroup.

Evening Events

  • Game Night and Singing—meet other youth, play group games, board games and card games.
  • Everyone’s Birthday—birthday games, dancing, singing and sharing stories, a party for everyone!
  • Community Worship—Experience a worship created by youth attendees and staff.

Supporting Delegates / Engaging in Democracy

  • GenSesh Bingo—General Session is the time we get to participate in democracy and make an impact on our Association. It’s also the time we get to play bingo and win prizes.
  • Delegate Orientation—Learn about your role as a delegate and the major issues you’ll be voting on.

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