GA Youth Programs

Virtual GA Update!

UPDATE June 2020: All information below has been updated to reflect 2020 Virtual GA programming and events. 

GA Youth programming will be different this year from what you may be used to. Partly because of the switch to a virtual General Assembly, but the change also stems from a decision the GA Youth staff made to leave leadership of the program for 2020. This decision comes after a period of conversations about compensation and the value of youth and young adult’s labor inside the faith.

For this year’s General Assembly, the Lifespan Faith Engagement office will be working within its own capacity to support youth and young adults who show up to GA this year. These spaces we will be hosting are what were determined to be the most essential by the GA Youth Staff in conversations with adult leaders. We are also committed to ensuring that all General Assembly programming is accessible to youth.

Youth Caucus

Youth Caucus begins gathering 30 minutes prior to each General Session, including the mini-assembly on Wednesday as a space to answer questions about the delegate process. Youth Caucus is on a Slack channel, so that youth are able to tune in to general session without audio complications.

This space will be held throughout each General Session block each day, including during the Committee on Institutional Change report. There will be threads for discussing all the various goings on and for crafting youth statements. Invites to the Slack channel will be sent out to all youth registered for GA.

Community Space Drop-In

Friday June 26th 9PM to 12AM CST / 3PM to 6PM HST

This is a three hour Zoom call for youth to drop in and out as they please. It will be lightly facilitated so youth are able to spend most of their time getting to know each other and forming new bonds and friendships!

Synergy Bridging Worship

Friday, June 26th, 6pm EST / noon HST

Come to worship and honor the transition from youth to young adulthood, reflecting on how we work towards a multigenerational faith community. Friday, June 26th, 6pm EST / noon HST. Read more here. Led by Rev. Sara Green, Anna Bethea, & Rev. Stevie Carmody.