Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Frequently Asked Questions about Using Tapestry of Faith Curricula

Is Tapestry of Faith copyrighted?

Yes, Tapestry of Faith is copyrighted by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). A copyright notice is available on the page, Downloading a Tapestry Program.

Are individual sessions/workshops available for downloading?

No, individual Tapestry of Faith sessions/workshops are not available. After downloading the two-column Word document to your computer from a program's main page, you can print the whole program or pick the sessions/workshops you need. If preferred, the two columns can be changed to a single column.

Are page numbers in the programs?

Yes, page numbers are located on the bottom right-side of each page. Note: If you edit the Word document, the page numbers will change.

How do I narrow or expand the margins?

Margins are set to .5-inch to conserve paper. You can change margins to one-inch if you prefer. Note: If you edit the margins, the page numbers will change.

How do I use a Tapestry of Faith program in my congregation?

Look the program over on the web site, browsing the pages that introduce the program and the details of the sessions or workshops. If you decide to use the program, download the entire program by clicking the "two-column Word document" or “two-column PDF” links under “Downloading the Document” located on the right-side of a Tapestry of Faith program page. More information on downloading Tapestry of Faith programs is located on Downloading a Tapestry Program.

Word documents: Tapestry of Faith programs are designed for adaptation by individual congregations and religious education leaders. Once you have downloaded a Tapestry of Faith program to your computer, you are free to customize it to fit the needs of your congregation or religious education program. Edit the document on your computer to reflect the sessions and activities you plan to lead. Use the features of your own word processing program to format the document so it is convenient for you to use. You may wish to print out a copy of your “customized” Tapestry of Faith program for each co-leader. Print out Stories, Handouts, Leader Resources, Taking It Home sections, and other elements of the program as you need them. You are also free to photocopy these resources as needed.

PDF documents: A PDF is not adaptable, but you will have all the materials needed to run your program.

How do I download a Tapestry of Faith program to my Mac?

To download a program, go to its home page for the program and click the "two-column Word document” or “two-column PDF document” link located on the right-side of the page.

If you see a blank page in your browser, trying holding down the Option key on your keyboard while clicking the link.

If you see a box saying "File could not be opened," click OK. Although your Mac couldn't open the file, it probably did download it; look on your Mac desktop.

To open the file in Word, try double-clicking the downloaded file to see if it opens in your word processor. If not, and you have Microsoft Word installed on your Mac, click the filename on your desktop to select the file and try one of these options.

  • Choose File > Open With > Microsoft Word.
  • Choose File > Get Info, set the Open With option to Microsoft Word, and close the dialog box. Now double-clicking the file opens it in Word.

Note: The TextFile program cannot open Tapestry of Faith files.

What if I use WordPerfect?

If your version of WordPerfect doesn't format the Tapestry of Faith file nicely when you download it, rename the file. Change the ".doc" extension to " .html", and then open it in WordPerfect.