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Have you thought about attending CERSI (Central East Region Summer Institute) July 7-13? Registration is open!

The 2024 theme speaker is Rev. Julian Soto, a UU minister and activist, presenting “Unlikely Superheroes: Skills for Practicing Faith and Ethics in Tough Times.” Rev. Soto brings a remarkably loving presence and a depth of spiritual leadership. Prior to being a minister, they were also a teacher and a lawyer. Each of these has been a way for them to engage with people, with transformation, and with the goal of making the world a better place. UUMAC, the UU Mid-Atlantic Community will once again be joining CERSI at PennWest for the annual gathering.

Join us for a time of community, fellowship, networking, fun, music and so much more. There is programming for children, youth, young adults and adults - you will need to choose what you want to do (or not) each day! Learn more about this year's adult morning seminars and afternoon workshops at the CERSI website. You can still apply for a job at CERSI to underwrite part of the cost of attending and be part of the team that makes the magic happen. Scholarship applications are open with a deadline of May 31. Do note that registration rates go up June 1, so you want to register soon!

For anyone who hasn’t been before; who may have come to Kenyon or Oberlin but has not experienced the PennWest campus; or who may be joining CERSI for the first time after attending UUMAC ( UU MidAtlantic Conference) in the past, we want to share more about what the CERSI experience will be like in 2024. This video introduces CERSI/UUMAC and PennWest for 2024.

A once a year gathering of like-minded individuals can be life changing. CERSI has been described as an all-inclusive vacation for the family where children can grow, and everyone can be nurtured. Please join us.

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Central East Region Summer Institute

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