Should we start with Our Whole Lives for Adults to prepare the congregation for the youth levels?

Our Whole Lives (OWL) for Adults was not designed as a mechanism to introduce sexuality education for children and youth in the congregation. Similarly, the adult level was not specifically designed for parents of teens in Our Whole Lives programs, although it certainly could be offered to such a group. The adult level was designed for adults to explore their own issues, interests, and needs regarding sexuality. It would place too much of a burden on this program to expect it to prepare a congregation for lifespan sexuality education, particularly when only a small number of adults in the congregation would likely be participating in the program. Some congregations have offered a modified version of Our Whole Lives for Grades 7-9 or special workshops for the parents of teens participating in an Our Whole Lives for Grades 7-9 program. The programs for parents mix activities from Grades 7-9 with a kind of “support group” for parents.

For suggestions for introducing Our Whole Lives into your congregation, see How do we get started?