Our Whole Lives is great! How do I advocate for it in my congregation? In my community?

The best advocate is a well-informed advocate! Familiarize yourself with the program, particularly the Our Whole Lives Program Goals, Values, and Assumptions which can be found in the introduction to each level of the curriculum. Read The Advocacy Manual for Sexuality Education, Health, and Justice—available from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bookstore—and look for case studies in the Manual which are similar to your situation. When you’re ready to do some advocacy, remember that short, concise messages have the most impact. Prepare to answer common questions by reading the rest of this FAQ document.

UUA Advocacy & Witness offers several online resources to assist Unitarian Universalists in public advocacy for comprehensive sexuality education. The Religious Institute has several downloadable resources to help with advocating for comprehensive sexuality education. Some congregations invite adults who are OWL facilitators and youth who have taken OWL to share their reflections on the program. Ministers give sermons on sexuality education; some sermons are on the site mentioned above. An annotated bibliography, “Religion, Spirituality and Sexuality,” contains helpful resources for promoting sexuality education in faith settings.